We are a Family run, small scale/hobby Rabbitry Located in Canberra ACT. We are focused on the Mini lop breed & we are breeding for best health & temprament, as well as to the breed standard for type. We strive for improvement & believe there is always something new to learn about rabbits. We have an interest in colour genetics & have achieved a rainbow of beautiful colours in our Rabbitry. We are ambitious for the future & hope to start to show some of our best bunnies in 2022/2023. The photos on our perfect pets profile are all Monvella Bunnies bred by us, some are of our adult bunnies & some are of kits who were adopted out.

Our Bunnies are rasied indoors, in good hygene, on a nutritionally balanced diet.
We raise all our Bunnies with a lot of love & care & they are very confident & friendly, so the bun bubs we don't keep with us here here are typically ideal to be adopted as indoor companions.

Enquiries are always welcome & our social media is regularly updated with photo/video to show how our bun's are doing. I am available to discuss the basics & help potential new Bunny owners decide if a Bunny is right for them. T's&C's do apply to adoptions from us, we are only looking for the most lovely & long term homes; our Bunnies who leave as pets deserve to be treated as part of the Family, kept safe indoors & desexed for long term health.

**We are a Closed Rabbitry**
This means we do not allow visitors in, this is our Policy & we will not make exceptions under any circumstances.

We will work with other Rabbitires & are happy to put JR/ADULT Bunnies on transport, however we believe that they are ideally collected in person if at all possible. Baby Bunnies who are adopted as pets must be collected in person.

Thank you for reading through, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Rabbit Breeders in ACT
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