If you are looking for a larger than life hero piece for your lounge room, a wall collection that tells your pet's story or a fine art album that captures everything you love most about your fur-baby, you have come to the right place!

As a fellow pet-parent I understand how precious your fur-baby is, the joy they bring to your life and sadly how short their time with us really is.

As an artist & photographer who lives and breathes animals, I will help you celebrate the joy and the connection you share through timeless, expressive, personality filled artwork that will make you smile every day and bring comfort to your heart long after their time with you has passed.

Get in touch for a quick chat, I'd love to hear all about your special pet and have a chat about how we can create beautiful, meaningful art that you will treasure forever.

Pet Portraits, Pet & Wildlife Art, Pet & Wildlife Photographers in WA
Phone: 0417521227
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