Breeder and exhibitors of the Lagotto Romagnolo since 2008. We are a very small breeder with only having bred 5 letters since being introduced to the breed in 2008.


Buying a puppy is such a huge commitment for everybody and should be taken very seriously. All members of the family have to be 100% committed in welcoming a new family member, as breeders like myself are only looking for the very best forever homes. Researching the breed you are passionate about is key and also being patient if you want to wait for a litter from a particular breeder.

Get to know your breeder with the right questions, making sure you are not pushy or demanding. Never, never talk money in the first email it can be off putting to some breeders.

Please visit our website for more information or contact us at Lotsalire by sending a message.

Please contact Dogs SA on: to verify my membership.
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