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Registration: DOGS VIC 3001556090;
Clubs & Assoc: Dogs VIC, Local Council, compliant with all requirements of breeding under state and Federal laws in Australia. Member of: SBTCV SBTCQ SBTCWA SBTCA SBTCACT
Health Tested
Phone: 0425 765 801

We are a family who has Staffords... simple really. The dogs are our kids, and are included as much as possible in all activities. This is the type of family we strive to find for our puppies when they occasionally become available.

I keep in close contact with all of my "extended family", those who have my babies in their care. I enjoy regular updates and visits from the kids as they grow, and consequently, they all still treat each other as the litter mates they were and are.

I am a firm believer in obedience training for our dogs, and one of my puppies trains regularly with his family with myself locally.

I am available for contact by telephone and by message at most times.. I will endeavour to answer any questions you may have as quickly and accurately as I can.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies - KIMERRY STAFFORDS - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeder - Melbourne
Phone: 0425 765 801
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