I have a small breeding program specialising in Scottish Folds and Shorthairs. I commenced breeding British Shorthairs in 2020. My cats and kittens are raised in optimum conditions. My adult cats have been carefully selected and are tested free of Feline Aids and Leukaemia. They have also been genetically tested and are free of eye, heart and kidney disorders. As I only have a small number of litters at any time, my kittens receive a lot of attention and are well socialised, outgoing babies that are comfortable with people. Whilst I do breed traditional colours, I specialise in different patterns and colours resulting in unusual, one of a kind cats. When my kittens go to their new homes at 10 weeks they are fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Scottish Fold Kittens - Karranga Cats - Scottish Folds and Shorthair Cat Breeder - Perth, WA
Phone: 0404461170
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