We have been breeding our beautiful Scottish Folds and Shorthairs for 18 years now. Having won numerous Best in Shows and Supreme In Shows. Winning Breeder of the Year in both Vic and NSW. We have not shown for a few years now and only have a small cattery. All of our kittens are vet checked vaccinated twice and Microchipped. All kittens are Desexed prior to coming to their forever homes.

We started breeding in 2002 and have continued our love of this incredible breed. We work closely with another breeder of British Shorthairs as they are breeding partners for or stunning folds. We have both shorthair and longhair Folds and have sent kittens and cats all around the world. We are always available to support our extended cat families and happy to answer questions and offer helpful hints along the way. I love receiving photos of our kittens in their new families. Our kids are bred and raised inside with the family.

Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair, Scottish Longhair Kittens - Jessicaz - Scottish Folds & British Shorthairs Cat Breeder - Shepparton, Victoria
Phone: 0414221092
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