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My name is Tracie-Anne Kearns, I have a passionate desire to surround myself with all things cats and I'm totally consumed with spots and the wild look, I think the love of cats is in my genes.

Both of my parents use to breed Persians and actually met at a cat show, my fathers cattery was called Jasmound and my mothers was Somarez so it felt right that their names combined to make mine Jas+marez = Jasmarez Cats, I love hearing the story of how they met and how they still joke over the first stud fee which my mum til this day (32+ years) still owes my dad.

I'm still in the early phase of developing my breeding programs and no kittens are currently available, I am working with experienced breeders who's knowledge base is amazing and has been paramount to my breeding programs, I also work in the rescue world with the aim to help stop the cycle of unwanted street cats and kittens in my area.

I've importing two Cheetoh's from Carol Drymon's original line at Windhaven's Cattery in America. This Breed is still experimental and not currently registered with FASA or GCCFSA, It is recognised by ANcats and TICA as experimental.

My Bengal Queen Leopardette has arrived from NSW and has settled in, She was in her last show on the 16 March placing 2nd best female, and she has now met Benny my Cheetoh stud and they got along very well, fingers crossed her first litter will be beautiful dark spotted baby's with a brilliant golden coated Cheetoh Kittens. My second Bengal Queen is still in the making so to speak. My Ocicats Queen Black Heath who is nick named Petals and her stunning Mate Golden Eagle, called Goldie have arrived and are an absolute pleasure to watch grow.

Kittens purchases require a sales contract which ensures they will be a lifetime commitment and a part of your family, joining the waiting list will ensure you don't miss out on one of our beautiful kittens. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for any of our beautiful babies please email me so you don't miss out.

I am a registered member of the following organisations, for more information follow the links below.
FASA =Feline Association of South Australia
GCCFSA = Governing Council Cat Fanciers of South Australia
ANCATS = Australian National Cats
TICA = The International Cat Association

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Phone: 0412 963 498
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