Hairy Hounds Playground - Melbourne

Grooming Services, Supplies
Boarding, Pet Minding, Day Care
Address: 12 Bentley St Williamstown North, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9397 3044

Is your best friend at home all day, alone and bored? Why not treat your pooch to a day of doggy day care at Hairy Hounds Playground! Hairy Hounds Playground provides outstanding care and stimulation for dogs in a safe and fun environment.

Our unique doggy day care facility has a spacious indoor area featuring agility equipment, play and rest areas plus a HUGE outdoor area (the size of a tennis court) for your dog to run and have fun.

All of our guests are fully supervised by pet professionals to ensure your best friend has a safe and enjoyable day and with expert dog groomers on site, you can drop your pooches off for a day of excitement and pick them up clean as a whistle!

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Phone: 03 9397 3044
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