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Address: Wynnum West, Brisbane, QLD
Phone: 1300 955 648

GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) in Need Australia was founded in 2012 by Lisa Jenkins. The organisation has since grown to be the largest German Shepherd rescue and rehabilitation group in the country. We are based in South East Queensland and have recently expanded to include a branch in South Australia - however, we respond to calls for rescue Nationwide.

GSDs in Need Australia specialises in behavioural and medical rehabilitation for dogs that need the skills and experience of a breed specific rescue. German Shepherds are the third most popular dog breed in Australia. As such, we are constantly dealing with a very high volume of dogs that we rescue from pounds and accept as surrenders - both from private citizens and other rescue organisations. Our team of volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate this beautiful breed for adoption and rehoming.

As a rescue service, we also provide advice and support services to our members caring for German Shepherds. As a registered Australian charity our organisation relies solely on generous public support and a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers.

We also have a forever foster program for dogs we have rescued who need ongoing medications/vet care/special diets. We place them in loving forever homes but continue to pay for their veterinary care and special diets so that they can live with loving families without them having to worry about finding the finances to pay for their ongoing veterinary needs.

Please visit our website or facebook page for more information . If you call or contact us by message please remember that we are all volunteers and therefore have to prioritise calls and email responses with German Shepherds who are in danger of being euthanised being our top priority.

Pet Rescue, Adopt a Pet, Animal Shelters in Wynnum West, Brisbane, QLD
Phone: 1300 955 648
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