Firefly Valley Rattery - Rat Breeder - Central Coast, NSW

Breeder - Rats, Mice
Rodents - Rat;
Address: Central Coast, NSW

Firefly Valley Rattery is a small rattery based on the Central Coast, NSW. Our goal is to establish a friendly, healthy line of facially marked rats. We also have side projects of velour-coated rats and spotted rats. Temperament of all lines is first priority.

All rats are $25 for 1, $45 for 2 or $60 for 3 regardless of coat, colour or markings. Single rats will only be sold to people who have other rats at home, as rats are social creatures and need a friend. If you are interested in getting a rat from FFV, please send a message to let me know what you are after and I'll see what I can do.

Please note that I can not guarantee the health of my rats at this time. I won't sell a rat that I have heard/seen has respiratory issues, but I can't promise they will remain healthy. If your rat develops a respiratory condition in the month after you get them home, you can bring them back and swap for another rat.

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