Thank you for your interest in my Donskoy kittens.

PLEASE NOTE: these are not regular Canadian Sphynx. They are Donskoy a completely different breed. I have the only breeding pair in Australia.

The Donskoy is in a class of its own. It is a highly intelligent, beautiful, loving cat. It can look into your eyes and seems to penetrate your soul.

Their appearance is characterized by magical harmony and their wrinkles give them a wise look.

If you can imagine ET with long shell like ears, a belly of a piglet, the tail of a rat, small webbed toes of a monkey , wrapped into a leather or suede vestment with wrinkles, give it the personality of a loyal dog, you will get the surrealistic image of the enigmatic Donskoy.

The Donskoy is in a class of its own:

A Donskoy is known as a Don Sphynx, Donskoy and Russian Hairless.

• Don Sphynx are a natural breed. Meaning they have not been mixed with other breeds to look a certain way. This means they posses higher immunity to most common feline deceases. HCM is very rare in this breed.

It is an honor to own a Donskoy cat. They are one in a million both in looks and personality.

If you have done your research you will notice that the Donskoy come in different flock (hair types).
My kittens are either rubber bald or have a suede on their legs or body. This should disappear by the age of 2.

I DO NOT and never will inbreed my cats.

All kittens are hand raised in my home with lots of love and attention. They are fed on a natural raw food diet. No preservatives.

The price of these Russian beauties are $2500.

If you are interested please complete and return the attached registration form and I will place you on the wait list. This means you will be contacted one week before I put the kittens on general sale. Which will be at about 4 weeks of age. First in best dressed. No holds.

Don Sphynx Australia

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