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Registered pedigree breeder with Cats NSW of Scottish Folds and Scottish Shorthairs and British Shorthairs.

Scottish Kittens make wonderful companions and are inquisitive and often clown-like by nature, often known to sit in a Buddha Pose.

Price range from $4000 - $5500.

I always recommend following our Facebook or Instagram pages -- Damewood Cat Co -- as they are the media platforms I use to announce when the kittens are born and what will be available.

I am a health and quality focused breeder and only have a couple of litters each year. I work hard to match the kitten with the family and therefore I do not keep a waiting list or take deposits as kitten matching is a very important thing.

Some kittens are quiet and shy and others are quite outgoing and their little personalities shine when they are in the right homes.

I also book live interviews at the time of offering kittens to new families (which is usually at about the 5 to 6 week age mark).

Kittens are ready at 12-14 weeks and come fully sterilized along with Passport, 2x Vet Checks, 2 x Vaccinations, Pedigree registration, luxury kitten pack.

Please email me an introduction for your family including the home, children, others pets etc.

British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair Kittens - Damewood Cat Co - Scottish Fold & Scottish Shorthair Breeder - Sydney, NSW
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