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Registration Info: QFA
Prefix: Cherishme Ragdolls
Location: Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Phone: 0438 264 267

Everyone needs someone to cherish... I show and breed under the name of Cherishme Ragdolls. My name is Sharon and my family live in Maroochydore (on the Sunshine Coast) with our beautiful Ragdolls. I am registered as a breeder with QFA (Qld Feline Association) and also with my local council SCRC (Sunshine Coast Regional Council).

Are you looking for a Ragdoll for your family?
A lot of time and care is given to our kittens. Visits are encouraged and welcomed. Ragdolls are very sociable cats. They thrive on human contact and need to be indoors for that companionship. Without this contact, they are not the nature that they should be. Though every kitten has its own personality, the more positive contact a kitten receives in its early life, will help to shape the nature that its going to be for his/her new family.

All pet kittens leave with a comprehensive kitten album full of details on how to care for your new baby, as well as photos from birth to home time. I have many happy families who own one of our cats, I am sure all would gladly tell their family and friends that they found their baby at Cherishme Ragdolls. Our pet kittens come desexed, microchipped and registered.

For more information about availability, pricing and the breed please visit my website.

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Ragdoll Kittens - Cherishme Ragdolls - Ragdoll Breeder - Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Phone: 0438 264 267
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