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Registration Info: Registered with the QLD Rodent Fanciers Inc, ( as Captain Ratz Mischief.
Prefix: CAP
Address: Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, QLD

Captain Ratz is a family based rodentry dedicated to quality rats and mice of excellent health and temperament. We are based on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Our family has kept and bred rats since 2008, however it was in 2011 we started setting goals and started showing.

Prior to owning and breeding rats, my (Nikki) main experience was with breeding and training working Kelpies! So quite a change of pace. We have been a registered breeder with the Queensland Rodent Fancers (Qrf Inc) since April 2012.

Our current goals have us working to improve the health and temperament of our fuzzy little friends, whilst enjoying some of the different colours, coats and markings that make our rat and mousey friends so interesting.

We are located on the northern end of the Gold Coast at Upper Coomera. You'll find us every 2nd month at the QLD Rodent Fanciers show held in the Finnish Hall, Mount Gravatt, where we enjoy showing our rats and mice and meeting up with other rodent lovers.

What are we breeding?
Currently we are concentrating on a couple of interesting projects in rats.
Chocolate and dilute chocolate silks are our oldest and most established line - we have just started a line of blue and agouti silks as well.
Velour Coats.
Blue, Mink, Black and chocolate in standard & silk coats with a variety of markings including Downunder.

In Mice -
We keep standard and long coat mice
We generally breed siamese, burmese, fox & tan marked mice as well as our favourite snow tigers.

If you're looking for something that we currently don't breed, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us - we have a network of breeders that we either work with or are aware of what they breed, and can pass their information along to you :)

We don't always have rats available as we breed to suit our projects and to improve the species. When we do have rat babies available we advertise them around 6 wks of age and release them around 8 wks of age. We do not allow people to purchase from photos - we will help you select the right rat/mouse from a litter when they become available. Mice are more often available. Rats are $25 each and mice are $8 each. We can supply Rodent Blocks to people on the Gold Coast who don't want to buy the full 20kg bags. A sample bag of food is available to new rodent owners - good nutrition is of utmost importance for the health and long life of your rodents.

For any further questions, please contact us via our facebook page.

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