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BuddySitters is an online marketplace for connecting pet owners with pet boarders, sitters, and carers. We provide an easy, convenient and safe platform for peer-to-peer transactions for different pet care services.

For pet owners, BuddySitters is a great alternative for finding quality and personalised care for your pet that is not expensive, inflexible and impersonal like kennels and other boarding services. Pets enjoy a comfortable and fun stay while you are away, leaving them in loving hands with minimal disruption in their usual routine or change in their environment.

For pet carers/sitters, BuddySitters offers an excellent platform to advertise and grow your business by letting you touchbase with clients in your location. You can choose what type of pets to care for, which services to offer, when and at what fee you deem appropriate. You are also secured with emergency support, insurance cover and fast payment processing.

Doggy Day Care, Pet Hotels, Dog Kennels, Pet Minding & Boarding in Banksmeadow, Sydney NSW
Dog Sitting, Cat Sitting, Pet Sitter in Banksmeadow, Sydney NSW
Phone: 0283350566
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