BLAZER is an American Shorthair cat breeder, specialising in the Black Silver Classic Tabby pattern.
Located in the beautiful Samford Valley approximately 45 mins northwest of Brisbane City.

- Good natured temperaments
- Affectionate
- Great family pet, tolerant with children and other pets
- Intelligent and playful
- Very hardy
- Low maintenance

The American Shorthair is one of the most adaptable breeds for any type of household; for a single person living alone, the American is an excellent companion; for a senior citizen the American is a calm, devoted pet; for a family with children, the good natured, playful American, known to be excellent with children, fits right in; for a busy household, the non-demanding American keeps itself entertained, ready for the time they have for relaxation. Apartment living suits them as well as a house. One of the natural breeds, the American Shorthair is a medium size cat, muscular with a firm, well-balanced body. They have easy care short, lustrous coat in a range of colors and patterns.

At Blazer Cattery we are very passionate about our American Shorthairs, they are not just our pets and Showcats, they are very much a part of our Family life and are All equally loved and cherished.

All our Kittens & Cats are sold as INDOOR ONLY .

Registered with QFA 1290, Moreton Bay Qld Council Breeder permit- AN/5612/2015/BAP

American Shorthair Kittens - BLAZER American Shorthair Cat Breeder, Brisbane Queensland
Phone: 0457648725
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