Bangalow Koalas

Charities and Volunteers
Wildlife Care and Rescue
Education, Training, Courses
Wildlife - Mammals & Marsupials - Koalas;
Location: Bangalow, NSW
Phone: 0411 491 991

Bangalow Koalas long-term goal is to create a Koala wildlife corridor, forming a linkage of habitat from Byron Bay/Bangalow heading westwards towards Lismore, allowing koalas to move safely across the local landscape. We became active in May 2016 with the local community realising the importance of our Koala population on the western side of Bangalow.

The community group is devoted to the village's unique koala population and the surrounding areas and aim is to educate, involve and inspire the community.

The Koala is listed as a vulnerable species nationally under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity (EPBC) Act 1995 and in NSW under the Threatened Species Conservation (TSC) Act 1995.

Pet Charities, Volunteers in Bangalow, NSW
Wildlife Care and Rescue in Bangalow, NSW
Education, Training, Courses in Bangalow, NSW
Phone: 0411 491 991
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