We are breeding for the standard of the Birmans and Siberians firstly and temperament secondly. I am an active member of FCCV, I am often at the shows through out the year. I am also a Judge, so this keeps me busy and involved in the pedigree cat fancy.

About Birmans:
Known as the Sacred Temple Cat of Burma, they have semi-long, silky fur. The Birman's coat colour has dark areas over the face, ears, legs and tail with an unusual feature of pure white 'gloves' on each paw. Their eyes are always a shade of Blue.

About Siberians:
The Siberian is a domestic cat breed and the national cat of Russia. They are now believed to be ancestral to all modern long-haired cats. Their fur is designed to protect the cat from the Russian weather extremes, and provide a hardy, easy to care for coat.

We often have either Siberian or Birman kittens available throughout the year. Please contact me for more information and tell me a little about yourself and your family home.

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