Animal Rescues Appeal is run solely by volunteers and supported by our fellow animal lovers
Our mission is to help ethical rescues and their foster carers save lives by supporting them in times of greatest need.
We put people wanting to donate items in touch with their local rescues or shelters by coordinating their donations to where they are needed most.
We also hold regular auctions of generously donated goods so we can buy the items rescues need and have them sent direct.
We will also assist in emergencies when food or medications are desperately needed by rescues or foster carers.
We will also be collecting toys, treats, gifts etc to fill parcels for our big Christmas Care Mailout.
We are always happy to share your fundraising posts.
We also keep our eyes open for special deals, great prices and clearance stock- especially flea and worm medication, as these can be a huge drag on rescue funds and post links to our page.
Some of us also make cat & dog toys, so donations of materials needed are also very appreciated (polar fleece, yarn, zip lock bags etc)
Bank Details: For auction payments & donations...
Acc Name: Animal Rescues Appeal
Bank: NAB
BSB: 083-561
Acc No:123340080
Our page celebrates the joy of giving.

Pet Rescue, Animal Shelters in 22 Russell Street, Camperdown, Camperdown, VIC
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