The sale of EVERY painting from Warlukurlangu Artists helps support Desert Dogs and Gloria with the care of dogs and animals in the community.

Healthy dogs mean healthy people.
Aboriginal people have always lived very closely with their dogs and a distinctive feature of most remote communities is the large number of dogs. Warlukurlangu Artists runs a dog health program in Yuendumu.

This program involves feeding hungry dogs, managing ticks, and caring for sick and abandoned dogs. Staff regularly provide advice to community members on better care of dogs. Warlukurlangu Artists also fund vets to visit the community to sterilise dogs and treat them for various diseases.

Please visit our facebook page for more information, or our website to see the beautiful artwork available.

The dog program is run by Gloria Morales, the art centre's Assistant Manager. Over the years Gloria has become the local animal rescue person, her care of animals in distress is not limited to dogs. For more information visit our Facebook page. If you are interested in adopting a Yuendumu puppy or dog, please let us know.



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