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Cat and Kitten Collars available in different styles and colours, crocheted toys and blankets, feather ticklers, feather dart cat toys.

Cats and kittens come to me by request from the public for help or dumped kittens from my vet. I'm not a charity, however I operate as not for profit private rescue, I fund the majority of the required vet work with my full time job and I also make cat toys and accessories to help bring in a bit extra for food and litter.
With the help of my parents and friends I'm able to rescue cats and kittens, giving them the TLC that they need and then rehome them, to appropriate purrever homes.

My Programs include:
Direct Adoption - From my Haven
Foster Care Adoption - From my Foster Carers
Foster To Adopt - We rescue together from the streets or surrender into your home where you foster care for them and then help to get the vet work done and then you adopt.
Foster Care Home - You Help me to Rescue by providing a save home food and litter, I provide all routine vet work prior to adoptions.

Please email me if your wish to purchase any of the products pictured (more on my website and prices below). I don't have online shopping, but paypal and internet banking is possible. I also have EFTPOS for pick up purchases. If you would like to pop over and shop please contact me to arrange a time. Pictures are examples and may have been sold - please contact me with what you like and I can custom make it. If you would like any further Information please contact me.

Cat and Kitten Collars
Baby Cat (kitten)
Plain $2.00
Patterned $2.50
Picture $3.00

Kitty Cat (Adult)
Plain $3.00
Patterned $3.50
Picture $4.00

Fat Cat (Large breed)
Plain $4.00
Patterned $4.50
Picture $5.00

Feather Dart Cat Toys
Available in assorted colours, great for the kitty who loves to run and chase
$3.00 Each

Cat Toy Trinket Bags
Feather toy, Paw Stickers, Clip on key charm and clip on cat collar charm
$5.00 bag

Feather Tickler
Feather boa bound to a colour wooden stick available in assorted colours and designs
$7.00 each

Crochet Box Blankets
Colours available upon request
S $5.50 M $7.50 L $9.50

Knitted mice, hamsters and bell balls
Colours available upon request
$3.00 each

Phone: 0412963498


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