We are always in need of funds to help us continue. We can not take in any more without your continued support.
GoFundMe link below or direct deposit.


Cat Rescue Newcastle is a small rescue group situated in Newcastle, NSW. We are made up of a small number of wonderful volunteers and foster carers that take in and look after abused and abandoned cats that are dumped at pounds. We rehabilitate these beautiful cats so they are ready for adoption.

Our rescue group survives only on the generous donations of the greater community. These donations come in various forms from food, toys, beds and scratchers. All these items are greatly appreciated however, they unfortunately cannot pay for expensive veterinary costs that are in the thousands every month.

Due to a recent litter of kittens needing a lot of medical treatment after the poor conditions they were left in, Cat Rescue Newcastle is severely low on funds and are currently struggling to pay for veterinary costs for the other current fosters, let alone help any more cats from the horrible conditions at the pounds. We are in desperate need of financial help so we can continue to save these beautiful cats who are very confused and frightened.

Any contribution you can make whether it be $2 or $10 will be a massive help to us and the cats in need. Your help won't go unnoticed and will make such a positive impact for our rescue group.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about what we do then please feel free to visit our webpage and facebook group.

Phone: 0405595075
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