That face. This girl. My heart.

We were first asked to provide end of pet life guidance to Millie in 2017, thinking she was getting old and facing challenges.

Look at her go!

Yes she is frail. Yes she can be wobbly. Yes her weight has dropped. Yes she sleeps a lot.
But they do not suffer when they sleep.

She knows where she is.
She eats, drinks, wees and poos.
She wags her tail. A lot.

Mentally Millie is totally on the ball.
She loves her daily sniffs.
She gets herself outside to do her business and she sleeps well at night.

She's here. Today. Living an enriched and mindful life.

She is on a medication and management plan to ensure she is pain free, physically and mentally.

Her progress is a credit to her human who has committed and adjusted to Millie's changing needs.

Her day will come.
But it's not today.
And we are holding hearts, hands and paws every step of the way.

We love you Millie. Xxx

At Cherished Pets we offer a very special service dedicated to managing quality of life in pets through end of life phases. We are located in Geelong, but also offer support remotely via Zoom, video and case notes from your primary vet. We are here for your pet and you.

Please get in touch if your cherished pet is reaching end of life. We can make a true difference through this final chapter of your time together.

Phone: 0439094379
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