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Sponsor a Street Kitty!

Sex: Not Known Price: TBA
Age: Newborn to Elderly
Location: 449 Main North Road, Enfield, Adelaide SA
Phone: 0427875875

***Sponsor a kitten!!*** We currently have 47 cats and kittens in care - many have been sponsored but we still have these ones that still need sponsoring! Now you have the opportunity to sponsor one of the babies to help with their upkeep over the next 4-8 weeks! We are going through slabs of kitten food each week plus formula and that is not including the ones that are currently receiving medical care such as ringworm treatments and cat flu!

We are a Registered Charity ABN: 80728478857

As a sponsor you get to -Name the kitten -Get regular photos and updates -And can even arrange a time to cuddle your little one when they're old enough! All for only $20! either a once off or an ongoing donation.

How to sponsor a kitten? Simply send us a message and comment under the photo of which kitten you would like to sponsor. Update us when you've come up with a name And let us know how you'd like to pay your donation

Payments can be made into our dedicated rescue account KittyKat Angel Rescue Peoples Choice BSB 805 050 Acc 102096717

PayPal- please tick its from a friend so we don't get charged for the transaction :) **sponsoring a kitten is different to adopting, if you'd like to place an adoption hold on a kitten please specifically let us know in a PM so we can let you know the details**

Phone: 0427875875



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