Why become a foster carer?
Foster carers are unique individuals who dedicate their time to nurturing and loving those who need it most. One of the most rewarding experiences for these carers is seeing a previously uncared for animal finding who they are and learning to trust once again. Foster carers provide much-needed love and support for animals who need temporary care prior to becoming available for adoption. Applications to become a foster carer are also on our website.

What do foster carers need to provide?

- Food (however we do get some donations and will notify you when available)
- Water
- Wormer & Flea treatment (however we do get some donations and will notify you when available)
- Shelter and a comfy place to sleep
- Love and affection
- Basic obedience, with additional behaviour support available from our knowlegable volunteers
- A safe environment
- Transportation to vet appointments
- Transportation to once off professional photo shoot for adoption advertising

How long will I have the animal for?
This will depend on many variables such as age, health, temperament, and so on. Some of our animals come to us very timid and obviously in need of help to build their confidence. Foster care gives these animals an opportunity to learn to trust again. Once they are shown kindness and love the transition is amazing and it's very rewarding seeing your foster fur kid grow and develop. The usually time frame is 2-10 weeks however some may take a little longer.

Who pays for the vet bills if veterinary care is required?
SHARI is responsible for all vetwork (desexing, microchipping, vaccination, heartworm test as well as any extra vet work) that is incurred during foster care.

Interested in becoming a foster carer? Please send us an email or visit our website to fill out an application form.

Phone: 0428 515 252



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