My special boy Galaxy is looking for the right home who won't judge him for his uniqueness.

Similar to Harry Potter, Galaxy has a healed scar on his eye from when his mum scratched him as a kit. He had numerous vet appointments and is now completely healed out and has been for 1 year now.

Galaxy is a very loveable boy who has the most sweetest temperament and absolutely loves cuddles and pats. He is a bunny who also loves his food. He is 2 years old and would come vaccinated, flea and lice treated and a pedigree as well. He has the best temperament for both kids and adult and would bond really well to others as he use to be bonded a buck.

He is currently not desexed however it is recommended for rabbits to be desexed for health and bonding benefits

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Are you currently a member of an approved rabbit show/hopping club? If yes, which one/s?
Rabbit Hopping Society of Australia Blue Mountains Rabbit Club Rabbit Fanciers Society of NSW Rabbit Breeders Society of NSW
Question. Do you health test appropriately? Eg:- no discharge from eyes, nose, mouth, ears, bottom area, active, eating, and drinking well and healthy.?
Rabbits are monitored during any points of illness and will not become available to fully recovered
Question. Do you take all precautions to reduce the risk of contraction of calicci virus and/or myxomatosis eg:- fly wired all hutches, minimising the risk of mosquitoes and insects into your rabbitry?
Fly wired hutches, vaccination when available, biosecurity measures such as F10 spray, changing clothes
Question. Do you lice/mite/worm/flea treat and trim nails of all rabbits before selling?
Question. Do you sell your babies at 8 weeks and over as recommended?
Question. Do you offer a care information sheet and ongoing support to new owners?
I will provide a care sheet on what the rabbits favourite food is, what they like, their personality and my contact details
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
Question. Do you discuss care, desexing, housing issues when selling your rabbits?
I discuss the benefits of desexing and why it is advised to avoid reproductive cancer
Health Tested
Phone: 0414188658
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