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We have 2 wonderful smooth Saluki boys looking for their forever homes. They have wonderful temperaments and show trainability and drive for Lure Coursing.

We will be honest to find homes for smooth salukis has been a total nightmare with the general market wanting feathered salukis vs smooth salukis or another sighthound breed if its smooth coat.

Take a second look these grizzle smooth boys have the most divine faces and wonderfully put together and are 100% saluki just without the grooming.

These boys come forward from our foundation dogs and are very special. They are less aloof and much more intense in interactions and in the right hands could be a lot of fun.

Ramadi he is a sweet boy will grow probably to the top of the standard in size he is soft in nature and a snuggle bug. He loves his time playing in water and already is a strong swimmer. Going through a bum high phase I have no doubt he will be a very outstanding dog in maturity.

Sarrif he's a whirlwind of fun and into everything, he will need an active home to keep him entertained currently he looks to be a little smaller than his brother and slightly finer. For now he is a crazy lure chaser and loves to splash and jump around in the water.

The parents. Laila the dam she is a sweet female that has an aloof side she loves to lure course with Best in Fields and always in the top awards alternating with her sister. Laila is loyal to her family and a beautifully put together Saluki. She is parti-colour grizzle smooth.

Uno the sire he is intense with the people he knows and all over you however can give the cold shoulder to complete stranger without a second thought. He is born to run and with an impressive 14 Best in Fields we don't think any Saluki in Australia has beat his record in such a short time. He has basic obedience and tricks training but could definitely go further with more training and maybe Rally O will be on the cards for the future he relishes any time spent with him and loves to show off his tricks. Uno's dam and her siblings also have a similar temperament they don't lurk in the shadows everyone knows who they are from their personalities. We think his offspring really shine through with this bold outgoing temperament and taking the best parts from sire and dam in looks.

If you are looking for more than just a pretty dog these pups we know have it all.

I encourage sporting homes these pups will we hope will have the ability if their parents are anything to go by.

All our pups come with lifelong breeder support.

For more details please touch base.

Sire and dam have passed multiple cardiac ultrasounds and are both NCL clear.

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