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Newfoundland Puppies

Sex: Female Price: TBA
Location: , Carnarvon, WA
Registration Info: Dogs WA #6007281010
Prefix: Brodybears
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At the moment we have some pups ready to go and two younger litters coming on. We do not keep a wait list but like people to keep in touch if they are wanting a pup. We sell at about ten weeks of age, vaccinated, vet checked, micro chipped and registered on the limited registration. We like our dogs to go to homes on large blocks as they need much exercise.

Where we are: We are situated in the north west of West Australia, where the desert meets the ocean. Our dogs are able to enjoy the wide open spaces, the rivers and the beaches. They adapt well to the warm climate, but in summer we trim down their coats a little.

Our newfoundlands are kept in large yards with shady trees and wading pools - never in kennels. We have been breeding for some 35 yrs. We like to breed beautiful family dogs, however we are registered breeders and are able to sell on both the limited and the main register. There are no dog shows in this area so we enjoy breeding for the love of the breed, not for showing.

Our dogs live about fourteen years. All parent and grandparent dogs are fit and healthy and we are waiting on a new imported dog from Russia. All dogs have some good points and some not so good, rather like most living things, but we try hard to present a beautiful smart dog.

About the breed:
The newfoundland is a large gentle dog. They are quick to learn, protective, loyal and obedient. The ideal dog for kids. This was the first dog to come to Australia, as all the old ships kept a newfoundland on board in case anyone might go overboard. The dog was used to keep people afloat until they could get there with a life boat. Even the titanic had a newfoundland on board. Today they are still used for sea rescue, but now they often drop them out of helicopters. The newfoundland is a strong swimmer and they have webbed feet.

In the country of newfoundland, this is a working dog. They pull loads of logs, heavily laden carts, sleighs etc through deep snow. One dog can pull 1500 kilo.

Newfoundlands can be black, brown, landseer (black and white) and grey. They are often used for fishing, where they help haul in the nets. Our dogs enjoy trips to the rivers and beaches and are often seen catching fish in the shallow waters.

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