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Snowshoe boy, sealpoint, like an old-style siamese.

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Sex: Male Price: $1100
Age: 12 weeks
Location: Cygnet,TAS
Registration: CCCTAS 7965;
Prefix: Snowmitts
Phone: 0402668560

Hi, I'm Leo!

My mumma says I'm a cuddle-bear and I'm looking for my furbulous new purrants!

I'm a 6th generation Snowshoe, but you might think I look a lot like an old-style Siamese. That's because the Siamese was one of the foundation breeds we Snowshoes were developed from.

I have a very loyal, loving personality and intelligent, playful character. Some of my brothers and sisters have white shoes and tuxedos, inherited from our American Shorthair ancestors, but I'm a seal colourpoint (no white!).

I'm looking for an indoor home with a secure outdoor run so I can enjoy the fresh air. I love to climb and I love company! With lots of energy, I need a playmate - a human who is home most of the time or another pet... I can make friends with the right dog, another cat... even kids! (I'm training one right now =^.^=)

It's super nice to be involved in the stuff my humans do. I love to help out and talk to you - no task is complete without me!

I'm a mellow kind of chap, really. A love bug.

Snowmitts Snowshoes, registered breeders CCCT 7965

Snowshoe Kittens & Cats - Snowshoe boy, sealpoint, like an old-style siamese. For Sale Cygnet, TAS
Phone: 0402668560
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