This lovely boy is a Red Point Mitted with white socks & touches of white on his whisker pads. He has a red striped tail, red ears, red nose pad and the red colouring is developing down his legs. This particular colouring takes longer to develop so it is still uncertain what facial markings he will have, however there is evidence of some white masking. He is sweet, playful and chatty. He's very friendly and reaches out to you with his paw when he wants to tell you a story or just because he loves to touch you.

Snowshoes are a stunning cat and a friendly breed that loves company. They typically get along well with other pets. They are intelligent and can be trained to walk on a harness and even do basic tricks.

You are welcome to come and visit us at Bellahima by appointment. Our kittens are raised in the family home and enjoy the benefits of a busy household.
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We have two litters available for adoption right now. These kittens are of a variety of colours and markings and showcase how unique each individual Snowshoe really is. They come with bedding, companion blankets, a selection of toys and food. Have peace of mind knowing that they will be covered by a complimentary 6 weeks health insurance policy from Petcover Australia. The will be registered with New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association.

Please note that the photo is a previous litter.

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