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Kittens - Ragdoll due June 2019

Please read this advice before making contact
Sex: Mixed Price: $1100 ea
Location: Salt Ash, Newcastle, NSW
Registration: ANCATS 14189;
Prefix: Skitchem Ragdolls
Supply/Source #: BIN: B000746298 & BIN: B000622190

We have 2 Litters of Kittens Due in June 2019.
Magic x Merlin (see pics)
We are expecting Points and Bi-colours in Lilac, Seal, Blue and Chocolate.
Cleo x Nox (see pics)
We are expecting Mitts and Points in Lilac and Blue.

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We are a small family owned, Ragdoll breeder, breeding for health, temperament and quality in a family home environment. We live on 2.5 acres in beautiful Salt Ash, Port Stephens, NSW.

Our Ragdolls are our pets first and foremost, their health and well being always come first. We are registered with Ancats and abide by their ethics, rules and regulations.

All of our breeding Queens and Kings are DNA and PCR tested to make sure our kittens leave in optimal health.

Our Queens are inside only with access to all areas of the house and have an outside enclosed area to visit when they wish. Our Kings are brought up within the home and once they mature, they have their own man caves (condo's - 3mx4m min) to call home whilst still coming inside on a regular basis to be with the family.

Our Kittens are included in daily activities around the home to get them used to family life. They are desensitised to our dogs, household appliances and other cats and kittens. Once our kittens do leave for their new homes, then we really like to stay in contact and receive regular updates as well as feedback from our new extended family.

Our Kittens come with our Supreme Kitten Pack which includes:

* Desexing (no exception)
* Naming of your kitten on the ANCATS Registration Papers
* 4 Gen ANCATS Pedigree Papers
* Microchip
* Vaccinations which last for the whole year
* Wormed regularly whilst here and then given a worm/flea spot on when you pick up your little bundle.
* Blanket with mum and siblings smell on it
* Carrier for your baby to go home in and for any further travel or vet visits.
* Scratching post, brush, toys and a teaser
* Double food bowl and water bowl
* Bed
* Litter Tray and Scoop
* Samples of Litter (We are now using Catmate, have found this to be much more efficient)
* Food Samples - we are feeding Royal Canin primarily.
* 8 weeks free pet Insurance through ANCATS.
* USB Drive with weekly Pics of your little one all the way through, including parents and litter mates.

We also include copies of the newsletters that we send out weekly after you pay the deposit so you can look back on them whenever you need too. See our Website for updates to this list.

* Kitten Packs are subject to change dependant on available Supply and not included for transport.

Ongoing Breeder Support. Please realise we are always here x Any advice or help we can give, please contact us.

You are welcome to join our Waiting List on our Website and catch up with us on Facebook.

Ragdoll Kittens & Cats - Kittens - Ragdoll due June 2019 For Sale Salt Ash, Newcastle NSW
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