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Sex: Mixed Price: $850 ea
Age: DOB 01/09/2018
Registration Info: Queensland Feline Association Inc. (QFA)
Prefix: Ratchasima Korats
Phone: 02 6677 7586

Ready to go to caring,indoor homes now (Dec.) Two female Korats. We are NOT Russian Blue cats and we don,t have fluffy coats, colorful spots. stripes or points but, we do have loads of character and purrsonality to share. We are active, intelligent and enjoy lots of interaction with our human friends. We,re loyal and sensitive to your moods and will always be by your side, the ideal companion/ buddy. House trained and raised in the beautiful pristine Tweed Valley of Northern NSW and registered with the Queensland Feline Assoc. we would happily live in a unit or family home. Freight to Sydney is included in kitten price and a discount applies to other ports in Australia. Known as the Good Luck cat of Thailand we are a pure breed that has not been crossed with any other so we are generally healthy. We have a single close lying coat and do not shed as much hair as other breeds with a thicker coat. We can sometimes be trained to walk on a harness and will often play fetch when not too busy doing other things like helping you with your computer work !! So, if you have been hoping to find a loving, lively companion we could be just what you are looking for ! We would love you to contact Elaine and find out more about us. Purrs & headbutts from us.

Korat Kittens & Cats - Korat Kittens For Sale Clothiers Creek, NSW
Phone: 02 6677 7586
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