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Korat Kittens

Sex: Mixed Price: $850 ea
Age: 4 weeks
Registration Info: Queensland Feline Association Inc. (QFA)
Prefix: Ratchasima Korats
Phone: 02 6677 7586

Korat kittens born 01/09/2018. Ready to go to new caring,Indoor homes December 2018. There are 2 Males and 4 Females. Will be registered with the Queensland Feline Assoc. Freight to Sydney included in kitten price and a discount applies to other ports .in Australia. Active and loyal Korats are suitable for unit/apartment living or a family home where they can enjoy plenty of interaction with their humans. This is a pure breed not out crossed with any other so they are generally healthy. They have a single coat and do not shed as much as other breeds with a thicker coat. Some can be trained to walk on a harness and they will often play fetch.

Korat Kittens & Cats - Korat Kittens For Sale Clothiers Creek, NSW
Phone: 02 6677 7586
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