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STORMY - Male Burmese

Sex: Male Price: $600
Age: 6years
Registration Info: I am a member of ANCATS membership number 467 and registered breeder with ACT Animal Services ACT
Prefix: Warbo
Phone: 02 62427936

Beautiful RED Burmese stud cat for sale. 6 yrs old. Stormy could easily be a desexed lap cat. He is so friendly he would be never out of your lap. Stormy is being retired as he is the daddy of of lots kittens, some I have sold to other breeders and kept some myself over the years.

Please consider Stormy as an outcross for your girls. I am willing to desex him if you would like and he will make a lovely pet.

Burmese Kittens & Cats - STORMY - Male Burmese For Sale Downer,, Canberra, ACT
Phone: 02 62427936
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