Oramor Purr-Puss is 7yrs of age, considered young, as Burmese enjoy longevity. Oramor Purr-Puss is bred and owned by myself. She has a wonderful temperament and has an ultra-affectionate nature. Oramor Purr-Puss is in excellent health and condition.

Burmese have a minimal shedding coat, a daily/weekly groom would be sufficient.

Oramor Purr-Puss has been Vet Checked, spayed, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated, worm/flea treatment up to date. She is litter trained and ultra clean in the home.
Oramor Purr-Puss goes to her new home with her certificates of Pedigree and Registration, sterilization and micro-chip certificate, vaccination record. Oramor Purr-Puss is the dam of many Oramor Burmese kittens on my Facebook page, group and web site.

Oramor Purr-Puss to be collected from my property. Oramor Purr-Puss to be confined 24/7.

Health Tested
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