Myrurgia Birmans now has available a beautiful, gentle & loving lilac point boy. He must go to an approved indoor home unless he will have access to a secure outdoor cat enclosure. He is the most gorgeous baby who will make the perfect addition to the right family. We firmly believe in the holistic care of our Birmans and are looking for a family to love this precious bub as much as we do so genuine enquiries only please.

As we are small breeders our babies are born and raised in our family home and not in a cattery, so this boy loves sleeping on the bed with you and 'helping' around the house. True to the breed he loves attention and companionship of his family so this must be taken into consideration as Birmans are very social cats and do not do well if left to their own devices for long periods of time so need someone at home with them or another sociable kitten/cat.

Our Birmans come from show winning Australian and imported lines and our Birmans have been featured in ad campaigns as well as doing us proud on the show bench across Australia since 2011.

The health and welfare of our Bir-babies is most important to us and we never hesitate to take them to the vet even if we have minor concerns about them, as they are treated as our family members and not just breeding and show cats. We are not your typical breeder as besides our beautiful Birmans, our family do also have rescue cats and support ethical rescue organisations around Australia. We believe because we bring the babies into this world it's our responsibility to make sure that they have only the very best start in life and being small, hobbyist breeders allows us to devote much time and attention to each of our precious babies. Our cats and their breeding as well as the level of care we provide to them is second to none from their diet to their veterinary care to having them inside with us and not in a cattery.

He is ready to leave us and will come with a clear bill of health (our babies mean the world to us so their health and well-being is our priority), two x vaccinations (so will just need his final kitten vaccine), thoroughly vet checked, microchipped, desexed, worming and flea preventative treatment, 6 weeks of free pet insurance, his kitten starter pack, pedigree certificate and registration with NSW Cat Fanciers Association as well as being fully litter and scratching post trained.

He is a very healthy, active babiy who laps up attention and loves receiving plenty of cuddles and kisses. He wants to be with you as much as possible and loves his toys... the more the merrier.

His new family must continue to offer the same complete and balanced, veterinary grade diet and level of care if he is to continue to grow into a healthy, well adjusted adult. The responsibility of owning and caring for our Birmans is something we take very seriously and wish to help educate others about being a responsible pet parent so we always provide much advice beforehand and always offer ongoing support once you are adopted by a Myrurgia Birman.

If you are interested in adding this gorgeous Bir-baby to your family please tell us as much about your family, yourself, living circumstances, why you have chosen to add a kitten and in particular a Birman to your family and any past experience with cats if applicable.

We only wish to place our precious Birmans in dedicated, stable homes where they will be cherished and adored by the whole family and continue to receive the best of care, diet and quality of life for the rest of their lives so please consider the commitment and responsibility of owning a Birman or cat in general before contacting us and please tell us as much as possible about the home you would offer one of our babies as cats are highly sentient beings and require much time, attention, love and care.

Our website and Facebook page are currently under construction, but please keep an eye out for them as they will be up and running again soon. Myrurgia Birmans - Registered breeders with NSW Cat Fanciers Association

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