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956000006497901; 953010002724550

Bengal Kittens for Sale From Registered Champion Breeder

Sex: Male Price: $1500 ea
Age: 12 weeks to 6 months
Registration Info: TICA, TIBCS and FCCV
Prefix: AJAYS Silver Bengals

WE are REGISTERED BREEDERS with the Feline Control Council of Victoria (FCCV). This registry is recognised as an applicable cat association and registry, by Victoria state government. We have also been rated as a CATTERY of EXCELLANCE by The International Cat Association (TICA) and designated as a BREEDER of DISTINCTION by The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS). We currently have 2 X sweet young silver male baby Bengals available for sale to the right homes. These sweet baby Bengals will melt your heart with their winning personality and keep you entertained for hours with their fun-filled antics. Bengal cats and kittens are not known as lap cats that sleep around all day when they mature. They never grow out of play ... no matter how old they get. They are active, talkative (in their own cat-voice) and entertaining, which make them perfect family pets for those with children or dogs.

The price of one of our desexed baby Bengals ($1,500) INCLUDES: a free 6-week pet health insurance policy; desexing certificate; current vaccinations; parasite treatments; microchipping; a Vet Health check and a certified registration pedigree from FCCV.

If you think you might be interested in one of these baby Bengals, please send us an email and tell us about the type of home you can offer one of these kittens. We encourage you to do advance research on the Bengal breed, to insure you are familiar with their wonderful characteristics before deciding to purchase a Bengal. We have provided info and photos of this kitten and expect information in return, from interested buyers. We think that is only fair and important to the welfare of any Bengal kitten joining your household. Properly selecting the right home for one of our kittens is very important to us. Hagglers, insincere inquiries, scammers or time-wasters, will not be responded too. We value your time and hope you will respect ours. We promise to communicate in good faith, as long as respondents do so likewise. We consider this a common courtesy and the beginnings of a trusting relationship.

We prefer inquiries by email at first and can then follow-up with photos, by phone and eventually a visit, if you think one of these sweet kittens would become a wonderful new member of your household.

Microchip # 956000006497901; #953010002724550

Bengal Kittens & Cats - Bengal Kittens for Sale From Registered Champion Breeder For Sale VIC
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