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Sex: Male Price: $390
Age: 4 months
Location: , , Brisbane, QLD
Supply # / BIN: BIN0000937168623
Phone: 0412972228

Meet lovely little Maverick! Maverick is a 15 week old Cattle x Staffy who loves kids of all ages, dogs & even cats!

Maverick is very happy chasing either his foster brother or the kids around the back yard but he's not sure how to chase a ball just yet! He loves a good game of tug-of-war & he really loves a good nap after all of the playing!

Maverick is being crate trained & he will happily totter into his crate on his own at bedtime and sleep all night. Maverick is house trained but does have the occasional accident. He loves being in the car in fact he uses the opportunity to have another nap!

We are expecting Maverick will grow to be a medium to large dog.

Phone: 0412972228