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QLD - Bridgy (m/8y)

Sex: Male Price: TBA
Age: 7y
Supply/Source #: BIN0001793157740

QLD - Bridgy M/7y - Ready for Adoption NOW!

Some of you might remember the story behind this handsome face, however let us re-introduce you.

Bridgy went through some hard patches in his life, but he is a resilient little man and is currently with a trainer and thriving! Everybody loves this gorgeous boy and nobody can understand why he has not been adopted yet.

Bridgy does not want you to feel sorry for him, in fact he doesn't want your sympathy at all. What he does want is for you to understand his boundaries, respect him and give him space, allow him to settle on his own terms. In return, he will respect you and love you. Like every other dog, he needs routines, structure, rules and boundaries. Bridgy is not a difficult dog.

He is loving his daily training and to make sure the transition into his forever home will go smoothly we will pay for a session with the trainer.

His main need, that outweighs all the others a more fortunate dog would have, is human connection. He really is human orientated and needs to find "his person" to be with him and he will be so fulfilled for the rest of his life.

Ideally Bridgy needs a dog experienced home with one or two adults, with someone around quite a lot as he does not want to be left behind.

Bridgy has no interest in other dogs and even turns away from them, we respect this and will only rehome him as an only dog, he deserves to be happy!

Bridgy will be adopted:
- desexed
- vaccinated
- microchipped
- wormed
- flea/tick treated
Adoption Fee TBA
Microchip 982000163605119

If you believe you can give Bridgy the life he so deserves, please go ahead and complete the application or feel free to PM us if you have and questions.

This boy is true meaning to the word "Rescue". Finding a forever home for a Boxer like Bridgy is what BRN stands for and this boy's past and future is why Dagmar and her team of volunteers work tirelessly to find the best outcomes for these dogs.

Our silver fox is ready for his real forever home, will you be "his person"? ??

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