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Ollie & Spud - Schipperke x Miniature Fox Terrier

Sex: Male Price: $1200
Age: Ollie: 12/052016 & Spud: 28/04
Phone: 0415709098

Small Male Miniature Fox Terrier x Schipperke Dog. Ollie & Spud are a bonded pair that will complete a family.
Ollie was born on the 12th of May 2016 and Spud on the 28th of April 2017 and have been together since Spud was 5 weeks old.
Spud is a Belgian Schipperke and Ollie a Mini Foxy. They fit just right into one lap.
They are still young pups so have that little extra bit of energy that requires an active family.
Ollie & Spud are very good with other dogs and would definitely benefit from puppy school to cement well their training. They are very easy dogs for people with an assertive nature and can do attitude.
*** We will not separate them - One very lucky family will score! ***
Ollie is the force of nature and Spuddie more the follower. So, if you explain the rules to Ollie, Spud will just nod and do so.
They adore being included on all family activities and although just started going for car rides, they love it more each time and do really well.
They will suit any active family who does not work long hours and are good with kids of all ages, as long as, well mannered with animals.
To not miss out and meet this amazing pair, please call or text Di on 0415 709 098.

Phone: 0415709098