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VIC - Mr Winston Butterworth (m/6y) - Large Male Boxer

Sex: Male Price: $400
Age: 6y
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Large Male Boxer- VIC - Mr Winston Butterworth (m/6y) - not for interstate adoption.

By manner of introduction, you may know me as Mr Winston Butterworth, but to my acquaintances I am simply known as Mr Winston.

I write to you today to seek the manner of lodgings in which I may retire. I may only just be around 7 years of age but my handsome grey muzzle will be sure to delight any matter of ladies or gentlemen, I'm not fussy in that respect.

I enjoy the finer things in life; a daily stroll, a good toy to chew, a fresh dip in the pool and I enjoy the pleasant company of any two-legged children you may have.
I would detest to live in a home dominated by any felines, however I wouldn't mind living with another respectable canine companion.

If you'd like to discuss a potential living arrangement please contact the humans that I have entrusted to find my safe keeping and enquiry about me now.

I'm surely the gentleman of you dreams,

Until we meet!

Mr Winston Butterworth

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