Health Tested
943094320392410 and 943094320418885

SA - Red and Finn - Male Boxers

Sex: Male Price: $770
Age: 4/5
Supply # / BIN: BIN0001793157740

People have been asking over and over again if we ever have boxers in SA available - voila!

Red (m/5y) and Finn (m/4y) - are a bonded pair and whilst in foster care they have been house trained, they are excellent with people and children, not yet tested with other animals. We have a feeling they should be ok with other dogs, but not with cats.

Both boys still need quite some training, leash training, etc. but they are willing to learn.
Please be aware when applying for them that you need to be experienced with boxers and strong enough to keep them under control.

Both boys are
- desexed
- vaccinated
- microchipped
- wormed
- flea/tick treated
- heartworm treated

Adoption Fee $770
Microchip 943094320392410 and 943094320418885

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