Health Tested
943094320392410 and 943094320418885

SA - Red and Finn - Male Boxers

Sex: Male Price: $770
Age: 4/5
Supply # / BIN: BIN0001793157740

SOUTH AUSTRALIA - it's your turn!

SA - RED (m/5y) and FINN (m/4y) are ready for ADOPTION!

Red and Finn are two best buddies, close in age and close in friendship. They have been living a great life with our Foster Carer and have done so well they are now ready to find their forever family.

Originally, they came to us a little unruly, however in a house of structure, they have blossomed with our Foster Carer and now have a few things they can gloat about:

- house trained
- excellent manners with adults & children
- socialisation with other dogs in the home
- basic commands and a good start to leash training
- an eagerness to learn

Make no mistake, whilst they've been learning all this, these two have had FUN. They love a good tug-of-war, they are cheeky, and they are super loving.

These two need special attention with leash training as they are still working on taming the "7:10am Boxer Express" on the end of your arm! So they'll need a strong, experienced boxer owner to help them stay on the right "track" ????

A quick medical update, Red has a rare straight tail that he was knocking on everything. It eventually broke and needed surgery. He is fully recovered from this and from his own safety, has a shorter tail now.

Both boys are:
- desexed
- vaccinated
- microchipped
- wormed, flea/tick & heart worm treated

Adoption Fee $770 for the pair
Microchip 943094320392410 and 943094320418885
Rehoming Body Number: R251000013

These too goofs are so ready to move into their forever home, and would love to hear from you.

To apply for adoption, please click the link below:

Have we said it yet? #twoboxersarebetterthanone??