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SA - Koster and Rooney (m/10&7y)

Sex: Male Price: $700
Age: 10/7
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Koster and Rooney are very affectionate and lovely natured gentlemen, who enjoy going on hikes with you, playing with their friends at the dog park, and most of all sharing cuddles! They are also quite content to have some alone time and chill out. They fancy themselves lap dogs and will sit on your knee given the chance, and have mastered commands such as sit, stay, and shake paws to please you. Their favourite games are playing ball and tug of war, playing in the sand, and they will be by your side as faithful companions.
AGE: 10 & 7 years old
BREED and/or SIZE: Boxer X & Bull Mastiff X
SEX: Males
Good with kids: yes
Good with dogs: yes
Good with cats: unknown
Adoption Fee - $700 pair includes first vaccination, microchip & desexing.
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