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QLD - Maggie and Diva

Sex: Female Price: $450
Age: 7/9
Supply # / BIN: BIN0001793157740

Maggie and Diva were imported from NZ, therefore they have docked tails.
They have spent their whole life together and we will not separate them.

After a relationship break-up they ended up in the pound since we could not find a carer for them. Eventually we found a lovely foster carer in Queensland they came to Brisbane.

Whilst in foster care they started to show their personalities and what typical boxers they are!

Her foster carer says Maggie is what I would call a teenager. If she wants the attention she will come and get it but its on her terms, if she doesn't feel like a pat she won't come up for one. I honestly think she has selective hearing when you call her she will come if she wants to.

Maggie loves a good scratch behind the ear, belly rubs are precious! A soft comfy inside bed and a bit of play and she is happy.

Diva is exactly that - a diva! She wants all the attention all of the time, she is jealous, but Maggie seems fine with her getting it. Diva likes to play fetch, she just doesn't bring the object back. When sitting with you she will lay on you.

Diva wants pats all the time and be close to you, of course she is always up for a bit of play.

Both girls when given half the chance will climb up on you.

They do not like loud noises and want to be inside if there is a thunderstorm or fireworks (like all dogs).

Vegetables are edible? You argue with them...

Talking about food they are both different to most boxers I've met when it comes to food, they will wait until you are our of sight before startying their dinner, and then they take their time and eat very slowly, obviously enjoying their meals.

Both girls are
- desexed
- vaccinated
- microchipped
- wormed
- flea/tick treated
- heartworm treated
Adoption Fee $450 for the pair
Microchip 900006000043652 and 982000163628977

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