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NSW - Rocky (m/5y)

Sex: Male Price: $550
Age: 5y
Supply # / BIN: BIN0001793157740

NSW - Rocky (m/5y)

Rocky is a smart, energetic and very affectionate little pocket rocket, though not busting at the seams as some dogs of this breed are.

He is food focused and is learning to sit nicely, wait and not snatch treats or dive into his food bowl.
When dinner is being prepared Rocky may bark in a demanding manner but will stop when told and if not then definitely when dinner comes.
He is slowly learning to be more patient.

He shows no food aggression though we always recommend to separate dogs when feeding.

Rocky doesn't seem to have a lot of leash training, but he is a clever boy and is quickly learning and will improve with consistent training.

He loves to be pampered and after initially getting him into the bath tub he enjoys a lather up, massage and brush.
He has no issues having his nails clipped.

In his Foster home he has made friends with both male and female med-large dogs one on one but sometimes becomes reactive towards other dogs without provocation, so it is recommended his space be respected, and he is rehomed into a single dog home.

Rocky is not suitable where there is free roaming farm animals and he also likes to chase the wild birds.

No cats to test him on.

He loves being with his human, drives in the car, going for walks and playing with balls and toys and would be ideally suited to a family who can involve him when they work, rest and play. He LOVES tug-a-war games and squeaky toys.

Rocky has been residing with another boxer in a half acre of grassed enclosure with 6foot fencing and has been quite happy and made no effort to dig or jump to escape.

He has had the freedom of inside/outside living, though at night he does sleep inside on soft foam bedding, he is not destructive and sleeps through the night with no accidents.

Rocky is in foster care on the South Coast of NSW.

Adoption fee: $550
Desexed: yes
Wormed: yes
Flea/tick treatment: yes
Heartworm treatment: yes
MC: 982000356497350
Rehoming Body Number: R251000013

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