Health Tested

NSW - Maple - Female Boxer

Sex: Female Price: $550
Age: 1y
Supply # / BIN: BIN0001793157740

Remember Maple?

This darling went through a lot in her short life. Being rehomed by her owner, then not wanted in her new home, thrown in the pound, eventually rescued and she is now in foster care.

Her foster family absolutely love her and would have adopted her without hesitation if they would not do major renovations and have machinery around soon.

Maple is not only extremely beautiful, she is also very lovable and cuddly. She adores people and loves nothing more than sitting on laps, snuggling in front of the fire, playing catch and going for walks. Maple generally loves company. She is playful in her puppyish way, with boundless energy, but loves relaxing too.

Maple's experiences left her unsure about other dogs, we are sure in the right hands with gentle positive training she can learn how to properly meet other dogs.

For now we are looking for a home that
- has no other dogs (as Maple first has to learn that she can trust other dogs)
- no cats (she for sure would chase them)
- no small children (she would knock them over and not even notice)
- someone around a lot would be perfect

Adoption fee: $550
Desexed: yes
Wormed: yes
Flea/tick treatment: yes
Heartworm treatment: yes
MC: 953010002067962

If you believe you can provide a forever home for Maple, please fill in our form so that we can contact you:



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