Health Tested

Baxter is your typical teenager - full of energy and needing guidance. He is pretty bomb proof with other dogs however, sometimes, he needs reminding his manners and can be a bit full on. It does not take much though, just a 'hey' and he is back on track.
Baxter needs company - either humans or another similar aged pup that will get him playing around for a good chunk of the day.
Baxter needs a good structured walk twice daily but he happily joins in on any family activity he is allowed to.
We discourage a family with toddlers just due to his size and usual excitement as taller and heavier than the little ones. If they have large breed experience, then it's all good as Baxter doesn't care about the size of the hands cuddling him, just as long as they cuddle.
Baxter loves his toys and adores his food but knows how to share. He will be the perfect addition to a family with another similar sized playful dog.
Please call or text Di on 0415 709 098 to organise to meet Baxter. He is located in Western Sydney.

Phone: 0415709098