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A fine bromance means double the love!
You can call me Max, and that handsome devil over there is my brother Rory! We're looking for our forever home together because we're best buddies and can't imagine being apart.

Character traits:
Max - The Playful Tabby: I'm a gorgeous black and grey tabby with a playful and curious nature. I love to snuggle and play with Rory. When you come home, I'll show you my belly for a pat and wait patiently for bickie time in the morning with a gentle tap to wake you up. I love laser toys and exploring new places. I march to the beat of my own drum and can't wait to be your new best friend.

Rory - The Gentle Ginger Giant: I'm a big floof ball who loves to sleep and find the warmest spot in the bed. I might be a bit more shy than Max, but I show my love with little head butts. My favourite scratch spot is under my neck, and if you find the right position, I'll kick my leg like a dog. I was a stray before adoption, so I have a slightly skittish nature, but I've become a gentle, loving boy with a heart of gold.

Sleeping together: We both love sleeping in the bed
Playing: I love laser toys, and Rory enjoys head scratches, bickies, and a warm, quiet place.
Food: We eat wet food in the morning and biscuits in the evening. Rory is allergic to beef, so we have a special diet to keep us healthy.

Loud noises: Rory takes a little while to warm up to new people and usually hides if scared. He doesn't like being picked up for too long.
Outdoor dangers: We're both indoor cats due to our FIV+ status, and we thrive in a safe, comfortable home.

Our personalities:
Max - playful & affectionate: I'm cuddly, curious, and always up for a good time.
Rory - gentle & sweet-natured: He's a gentle giant who loves head scratches.

We're beautifully bonded and need to stay together. If you're looking for a playful, cuddly duo to brighten your home, look no further than us. We're ready to bring love and laughter into your life! Check out our adorable pictures, and if you think we're the perfect match for your family, let's meet!

Max and Rory are healthy raw fed cats who have been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. (#956000014510174, 941000025600086, source #RE101165). They are available for adoption right now!
We are a volunteer run organisation, we check enquiries daily and try to respond within 24 hours. If you want to follow up on your enquiry, you can text the Cat Phone on 0415-241-211.
To adopt from us you'll be required to have minimum an online meet & greet, a remote house check, show photo ID & proof of address, and fill out & sign an adoption contract.
Our animals are fully vet checked, flea treated, wormed, vaccinated and desexed before being advertised. They are evaluated for behavioural traits, fed a high-quality diet, and any known issues are communicated. NOT NEGOTIABLE CONDITIONS: indoor only/restrained to property & must be fed raw or vet prescription wet food.
We will communicate through every step of the process to ensure that the experience is excellent and your feline companion is the right fit. Read the contract for T&Cs for returns.
You must have residency in Australia to adopt from our group. If you are visiting or on a visa, talk to us about fostering instead!

Health Tested
956000014510174, 941000025600086
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