Health Tested

Tilly is well known in the suburb called home. Locals love her and spoil her rotten. Throughout her four years she's even been given a variety of houses - shaped from teepees to doll houses. She often has toys and even has a scratch post. She simply has to be one of the most cared for cats on Sydney's streets. There's no doubt she's the local purrsonality!

The owners of the business Tilly resides in (and next to) love her and she is welcome there. However the sad fact remains - she's on the streets -and the dangers are real.

Whilst we would love to take Tilly, none of us think she would really cope in a indoor environment.

Tilly's always happy to see people but she really loves sitting and watching the world go by. She greets people, sniffs the breeze, rolls in the leaves, chats to the birds (who play swooping games with her- and NO she doesn't eat them) watches dogs on leashes stroll by and shares her food with the ibis. There's no doubt she's happy.

We would like to find a safe outdoor haven for Tilly. A cat lover with a backyard or some property where she can remain outdoors in safety.

We can fundraise to build a secure enclosure if the perfect property and cat lover come forward.
We'd just love to see her protected and remain just as happy

If you or anyone you know may be the answer please get in touch

Medical notes
Tilly will be vaccinated and wormed on adoption.

Adoption details
Our adoption costs cover microchipping, desexing, first F3 vaccination, and worming. Desexing must be through one of our partner veterinary hospitals in Sydney. We ask interested adopters to attend a meet and greet with the kitten before committing. We do not transport kittens interstate. Sydney only please.



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