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Lucy is a lovely wee girl with a smart personality. The vets believe she is a munchkin cross domestic long hair cat.

At first, she will be scared of you and may hiss. She is very good at finding hiding spots. She didn't have a good start to life and has severe abandonment issues. So, when she does begin to trust you it she is worth every single minute of it. She loves you to be home with her. She may hide when visitors come around. So a single female with a quiet social life, no kids and a delicate voice with a lot of love to give to Lucy is best.

Once she gets to love you, she will always be waiting at the front door when you come home waiting for you to turn the key. She loves being pampered, playing with her toys and loves the scratch sticks. She wants you to rub her back or neck and she stretches out on her back when she is happy.

She may get scared with loud noises and hide initially but with a kind gentle voice and patience she always comes out to be with you. She loves sleeping close to me at night-time and curling up to me on the couch while we watch movies. She loves doing zoomies around the house and bounces off the walls. She is very cute.

Lucy will always be your alarm clock in the morning. She gets excited and jumps on me wanting me to get up and play, and of course to be fed. I hate leaving her at home when I go to work so if you a home a lot on your own it would be good for Lucy.

Lucy has only been an inside cat and she loves staring out the window and watching the world go by. She may be ok with a private little outdoor area, but I have never tried, and I think this would need to be slowly introduced after a long time of bonding with her. The noises seem to scare her. She is very well toilet trained and very clean. She even washes her paws in her water bowl after using the litter box. She won't do well with other animals or children.
Lucy turns 3 years old on June 1st. She is little with a big bushy tail, and the vets say she is a Munchkin cross.

The owner is moving overseas and is concerned the plane journey and resettlement would be too scary for her.

Lucy needs a kind, gentle female with a gentle voice and patience with a quiet social life. She has to be rehomed to the perfect person meeting this description. If this is you, submit an enquiry now!

Lucy is a healthy cat who has been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped (microchip #953010100051816, source #RE101165). She is available for adoption right now!
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