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Hudson - male cat

Sex: Male Price: $200
Age: 11 weeks
Phone: +61423108466

Hey there, my name is Hudson and I'm 11 weeks old.
My foster mum says that I'm now ready to find my forever home and she is going to help me find it.
She has been taking photos of me and sharing them all over the internet.

Mum always says that I am a biiiiig personality all squeezed into my little kitten body, she says that sometimes she thinks that I don't know how small I am :)
I think she says this because I love to have so much fun, I'm not afraid of anything and try to live life to the fullest!
I just have so much to give, heaps of energy to burn and lots of love to share.
I love to give the bigger cats here a run for their money, we have so much fun together and mum says I give as good as I get, not sure what she means by that.

They also have dogs here that I like to play with, 2 of them are older and wont play with me so much but the younger one and I love to rumble with each other...hahahaha

Mum says my coat is medium length, mum brushes me once a week but says I do a good job of looking after it myself, I do like to groom myself and try to keep myself looking my best.
Mum says I'm a ginger cat, I think she means my hair is ginger in colour, either way I quite like the colour of my coat and I think my foster mum does too, everyone comments on how gorgeous I am so it must be true :)

My foster mum and her friends seem to like ti when they pick me up and I purr for them, seeing their joy makes me purr even harder, I just love to purr, especially when I'm snuggling with mum and our friends.

Mum is hoping to find the perfect home for me, she says that I would need to stay indoors as it is safer for me, I'm happy with that and have no interest in going outside, outside looks a little scary.
Id like a home with another cat that would play with me or a home that would adopt one of my friends too so I would not be alone.
Mum will be getting me desexed soon and vaccinated and micro chipped, she has been waiting for me to get a little bigger to do so but I'm ready now.

Thankyou for reading all about me and I hope to meet you soon

Phone: +61423108466



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